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The Zeigers: Tagg’s Sex & Relationship Experts

Stacey Williams-Zeiger and Dr. Robyn Zeiger have been writing sex & relationship articles for Tagg Magazine for seven years. In addition to being two of Tagg’s longest-running contributors, Stacey is the owner and principal broker of Zeiger Realty Inc. and Robyn has been a psychotherapist in the D.C. metropolitan area for 45 years. They’ve also been honored as past Tagg Enterprising Women. The [...]

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Preparing to Buy Your First Home: 8 Tips for LGBTQ Millenials

For many potential home buyers, especially those of you who fall into the millennial demographic, entering the world of home ownership might seem like an unobtainable dream. With many of you being strapped with enormous college loan payments and credit card debt, it might even be difficult to think about ending your relationship with your [...]

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When Nutritional Values Collide: Navigating Multivore Love Relationships

Opposites often do attract. In many instances, those differences can actually enhance a relationship. But when huge differences that involve values or morals arise, compromise and negotiation techniques can be tested in major ways. Some examples of issues that center around our values might be politics, finances, religion, sex—in other words the categories most often [...]

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Visiting the Family: Relationship Tips for Avoiding Holiday Drama

With the holidays upon us, many couples will be planning the often complicated and stressful production of visiting the parents and siblings—not to mention aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and neighbors. You might be one of those fortunate lesbian couples who have not one, but two sets of loving family members who have been nothing but [...]

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Saying “We Do” to a Mortgage

Navigating home ownership before or after the wedding Given the fact that marriage equality is the law of the land, some lesbian and gay couples are entering the exciting and unpredictable world of wedded home ownership. Whether before or after the nuptials, the purchase of a home often signifies commitment, trust, and a hope for [...]

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Out and Proud: Empowering Your Relationship

It’s certainly true that the healthiest love relationships are the ones in which both partners, on an individual level, value themselves and feel secure. One barometer you can use to determine how comfortable you are with yourself is to ask, “How would I feel about going out to lunch or dinner alone?” Or “How would [...]

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Taming the Green-Eyed Monster

Tips for dealing with jealousy in your relationship Even though we would like to deny it, jealousy, the fear of losing our partner’s affection or the threat of damaging the “specialness” of the relationship is extensive in our community. As lesbians, we often find ourselves in an environment where the potential for jealous feelings erupting [...]

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It’s Not Your Fault: Managing Relationship Mishaps

Imagine This: You and your partner are really excited about your upcoming summer vacation. You’re especially happy since she took care of most of the details. You get off the plane and breathe in the fresh. You arrive at the inn that looked so gorgeous on the website, only to realize that your sweetie, (who [...]

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Going to the Dogs (and Cats): Dealing With Pet Issues in Your Relationship

Even though our four-legged furballs are often at the center of our homes, hearts, Facebook posts, and beds, they can also be a source of conflict and stress in our relationships. It can be especially difficult if you and your partner have created a canine or feline “blended” family. But even if either of you [...]

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Head for the Hills: Act on Relationship Red Flags

As you bask in the romantic glow and passionate heat of your new relationship, you often fail to pay attention to warning signs at these early stages. After all, the last thing you want to do is to disrupt or threaten the excitement and fun of the newness. However, it is much more dangerous to [...]

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