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What’s Your Excuse Tonight?

Making sex a priority in the age of distractions One of the most frequent complaints of couples is not having enough time or energy for sexual intimacy. Isn’t it interesting that at the beginning of our relationships we seem to have unlimited stamina for romance and hot sex? But as the romantic stage wanes, it [...]

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Survival Tips: How to Enjoy Traveling as a Couple

Traveling together can be either a wonderful bonding experience or a stress-filled disappointment. How can you ensure that your trip to paradise does not turn into a nightmare? Here’s some advice to help you chart your course. If you navigate well, then your getaway will create wonderful memories and years of pleasure, as you revisit [...]

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Breaking Up: Say “Yes” to the No Contact Rule

One of the most difficult challenges confronting couples who break up is their desire to still stay connected. Sounds strange, right? But just as children have an attachment figure (usually a parent), so do adults. When a grown-up attachment figure leaves, just like kids, adults often experience separation distress. That umbrella term encompasses a plethora [...]

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Road Trip Survival Guide: Avoiding Conflict While Enjoying Your Ride

Whether it’s just an hour drive to the parents’ house for the holidays or a day trip to a friend’s wedding in the country, a road trip can put a seemingly solid relationship to the test. After all, being with your honey 24/7, with no escape route, can either magnify your love and affection or [...]

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6 Ways to Prepare For Your Road Trip

Sometimes, road trips are the best way to get you to your destination. Whether you’re hitting the highway to avoid the high cost of airfare or you want have some fun in between point A and point B, a little preparation goes a long way when it comes to planning a stress-free trip. 1. Schedule [...]

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The Art of Apologizing: Repairing Your Relationship With Empathy and Respect

Let’s face it! In our love relationships, we all mess up at times. We may have the best of intentions, but there are times when we run late, forget to text when we said we would, or are oblivious to our partner’s needs. Clearly our actions (or inactions) can cause our partner or spouse pain, [...]

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Working From Home With Your Partner

Avoiding a Relationship DisasterWith teleworking, telecommuting, or working remotely becoming a reality for so many of us, more and more couples are finding themselves working from home. As a result of little or no preparation, unexpected stress can occur, culminating in outright conflict. But with an understanding of the basics, working in the same space [...]

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Let’s Talk: Keeping Love Alive Through Intimate Conversation

The passion at the beginning of a new love relationship can be very seductive and quite powerful. We often expect the fire to burn brightly forever, only to become disillusioned when we soon experience conflict and disappointment, or maybe even apathy. Now, our perfect partner has tumbled off her pedestal. But wait, you’re still in [...]

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The Meaning of “I Do”: How Your Life and Relationship Changes After Marriage

On June 26, 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled to legalize same-sex marriage in all fifty states. Some of us were already married in our respective states, although we had not been afforded Federal benefits. And for those who had not yet married, this landmark decision paved the way for same-sex couples to finally purchase [...]

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